If you have a small child, pets, or both, you know that you have to make sure that your holiday decorations are safely out of busy hands and inquisitive noses. Small children, puppies, and cats are particularly vulnerable to the shine and glitter of holiday decorations, so keeping your home safe is a priority.

Instead of choosing to not decorate or decorate and worry, Christmas LTD has a variety of items that help to create a safe décor this holiday season. So, instead of having to skimp on the decorating to keep all the kids, and furry kids, safe, here are some items that are as beautiful as they are worry-free and are our choices for safe holiday decorating.

Safe Holiday Decorating with Flameless Candles 

Candles may be a traditional holiday decoration, but an open flame is never a good idea around children or pets. The pretty flame is a dangerous attraction that can not only lead to burns, but in cases where candle are placed in windows or other places they could easily fall, a disastrous house fire.

Instead of traditional candles, using flameless LED candles is a safe holiday decorating choice for any room of your home. Made of real wax, our Luminara line of battery-operated flameless candles come in an array of sizes, from 5 inches tall to 9 inches tall, and are lightly scented. They are also available in an array of colors and designs to fit into any holiday color scheme.

Below are some of the great flameless candles available at Christmas LTD.

Luminara 5″ Battery Operated LED Wax Candle

safe holiday decorating 5 inch flameless candle

Luminara 7″ Battery Operated LED Wax Candle 

safe holiday decorating 7 inch flameless candle

Luminara 9″ Battery Operated LED Wax Candle

safe holiday decorating 9 inch flameless candle

Luminara 7″ Jim Shore Snowman Battery Operated Candle 

safe holiday decorating jim shore flameless candle

Safe Holiday Decorating with Unlit or Battery Powered Wreaths 

A festive holiday wreath is one of the basics of any holiday display. In a home with children or pets, a long cord coming from a beautiful wreath can be an invitation to see where it goes or try to get the wreath down. Many pets also enjoy chewing on cords, which can lead to a very unhappy holiday and expensive trip to the veterinarian.

Instead of a traditional plug in lit wreath, Christmas LTD has beautiful unlit and battery powered wreaths that have all the beauty without cord. Choosing a battery-powered wreath such as our Sage & Co. 24 inch Pine, Berry and Cardinal LED Wreath or our 18 inch battery operated LED Christmas Wreath with Musical Bells are perfect to add a festive holiday touch and are safe holiday decorating ideas.

The other option is to choose an unlit wreath like our Sterling Inc. Unlit Mountain Spruce Wreath give you a blank canvas that you can turn into a holiday decorating project with your children by adding ornaments, flowers and tinsel. No matter which option you choose, they are all beautiful and safe for the little ones and furry ones.

Sage & Co. 24 inch Pine, Berry and Cardinal Battery Operated LED Christmas Wreath

safe holiday decorating battery-operated wreath with cardinals

Sterling Unlit Mountain Spruce Christmas Wreath

safe holiday decorating unlit pine Christmas wreath

Sterling 18″ Battery Operated LED Christmas Wreath with Musical Bells 

safe holiday decorating musical battery powered Christmas wreath

Safe Holiday Decorating with Unlit or Battery Powered Garland 

Garland is a versatile holiday decoration that can be used in a variety of ways. From placing across a mantle to wrapping around railings and bannisters to winding around a candle for a centerpiece, there are many ways to create a festive look with garland.

Much like a wreath, garland typically has a long cord that needs to be plugged in somewhere near the area it is displayed. For pets and small children, their inquisitive nature can get the best of them and that cord can easily turn into an electrocution hazard. If you have garland placed on a mantle with items wound in it, it can also lead to other dangers from falling candles, glass, or other decorations.

To eliminate the worry of stray cords and falling decorations, Christmas LTD has a selection of unlit and battery-powered garland that are safe holiday decorating ideas. Unlit and battery-powered is just as beautiful as the traditional corded garland with the addition of peace of mind. Below are some of our favorite choices for unlit and battery-powered Christmas garland.

Raz Imports 5′ Silver Bell Christmas Garland

safe holiday decorating jingle bell unlit garland

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 6′ Knoll Battery Operated LED Christmas Garland

safe holiday decorating battery powered Christmas garland

Fantastic Craft 6′ Winter Red LED Garland Lights

safe holiday decorating battery powered red light garland

We at Christmas LTD hope that our selection of child and pet safe holiday decorating ideas will help you have a safe holiday and create a beautiful holiday display everyone can enjoy!

For those that want to make their holiday decorating unique and personal, ChristmasLTD.com has a wide variety of items that can help make your holiday décor different and certainly memorable. If you are a non-traditionalist that wants more than just a traditional Pine Christmas tree covered with glass ball ornaments and some lights, we can help you personalize your décor to be as unique as you are.

Here are 5 of our favorite holiday decorations that celebrate Christmas but will certainly be conversation pieces for many years to come.

Christmas Decorating by Star Wars 

For those Star Wars fans, and we know there are many of you, our Storm Trooper with Candy Cane Wooden Collectible Nutcracker will display your love for Star Wars and Christmas all in one. Standing 11 inches tall, this handmade wooden Nutcracker has all the attention to detail a traditional Nutcracker has, but has a fun Star Wars Theme. Complete with a Santa hat, this Storm Trooper is ready to bring a little of the force to your home for the holidays.

christmas decorating with Star Wars

Christmas Decorating by Downton Abbey 

Are you a Downton Abbey fan? Then your tree will not be complete without our Kurt Adler 3.5 inch Downton Abbey Castle Christmas Tree Ornament. Made of durable resin, this attractive ornament is hand-painted to look exactly like the castle made famous in the popular British series. While only one of the items in the Kurt Adler Downton Abbey Series, it is one of the most popular.

christmas decorating with downton abbey

Nostalgic Christmas Decorating 

For those who want to add that bit of nostalgia to their holiday décor, our Christmas Ltd 23.5 inch Red Holiday “Snow Flyer” Decorative Sled takes you back to a simpler time. This sled is nearly 2 foot long, is made of distressed wood and antiqued metal to give it an authentic look, and finished in a beautiful red with glitter to add a holiday touch. Display under your tree, next to your fireplace or even in an entryway to give it an even more authentic look. Remember this is for display only even though it looks real enough to have you looking for the nearest sledding hill.

nostaligic christmas decorating with snow flyer sled

Christmas Decorating with Unique Wreaths

If you are not a fan of the traditional Pine Christmas wreath, why not dress up your front door or mantle with our Raz Imports 19″ Unlit Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath. Made of various sizes of silver jingle bells, this fun wreath needs no lighting as it picks up plenty from the room. Topped off with silver finished holly, red berries, and red ribbon, this fun wreath sounds as pretty as it looks and adds a unique holiday touch to your home.

christmas decorating with unique wreaths

Unique Traditional Christmas Decorating 

While our last favorite is a bit more on the traditional side, it is a unique way to add a fun, finishing touch to your decorated Christmas tree. Our Sterling, Inc. 48 inch Red Felt Christmas Tree Skirt with Santa Suit Design lets you dress up your Christmas tree in a fun, red and white Santa suit. Made of soft, wool felt, this Christmas skirt looks just like Santa’s coat and even has buttons and the white trim. There will be no mistaking where Santa should place all your gifts on Christmas Eve with this cute tree skirt.

unique traditional christmas decorations

We hope that we have given you unique Christmas decorating ideas that you can use in your home this holiday season. It makes no difference is you are a strict traditional list or a holiday decorating rebel, ChristmasLTD has over 10,000 items to choose from to make your holiday décor reflect your taste and style.

Easy and Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas

From the day after Thanksgiving until as late as Christmas Eve, holiday decorating is the thing to be doing. For those that do not have a lot of extra time to decorate or those that are not content with the traditional holiday décor, ChristmasLTD.com has some great Christmas decorating ideas for you.

Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

The first notion of electric Christmas tree lights was back in 1882 when an associate of Thomas Edison wrapped crepe paper around a string of miniature lights and wrapped it around a Christmas tree. While this was an improvement over putting candles on a Christmas tree to provide lights, not to mention safer, it was nearly 100 years until the next major invention was released, the pre-lit Christmas tree.

Pre-lit Christmas trees first became available in the 1990s and today, they are really the only kind of artificial tree to have. Today you can get pre-lit trees, Christmas tree toppers, garland, wreaths, and nearly every other type of holiday decorations to help make decorating easy.

Another easy Christmas decorating idea is to buy sets of ornaments, whether you want a selection of the same bulbs in Christmas colors or multiple ornaments of the same theme, you still save time trying to pick out enough ornaments to fill your tree with holiday cheer.

Here are some of our favorite Christmas decorating ideas to make your holiday decorating easy:

GKI Bethlehem Lighting Knoll Battery Operated LED Christmas Garland

 christmas decorating idea pre-lit garland

This beautiful garland comes with LED lights, which burn cooler and use less energy. It is versatile and can be hung on a mantle, a window, a railing or even wound up in a coil around a large candle and used as a holiday centerpiece.


Sterling Inc. 6.5′ Christmas Tree, 9 foot X10 inch Garland, and 24inch Wreath Christmas Combo Set

christmas decorating idea combo set

If you are decorating for the first time or need to replace worn out or dated holiday decorations, this combo set is a great buy. With a tree, garland, and wreath, you can decorate an entire room from one convenient package. Also makes a great gift for a new homeowner.


Red & White Set of 6 Nutcracker Christmas Ornament

 christmas decorating idea ornament set

This collectible set of Nutcrackers is hand painted and ready to take their place on your holiday tree. Whether you are an avid Nutcracker collector or not, they certainly add a bit of festive holiday feel to your holiday decorations.

Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Christmas does not mean you have to stick to tradition either. If your Christmas decorating ideas are more non-traditional and you want something for Christmas other than the traditional Santa, stars, angels and snowmen, ChristmasLTD.com has a variety of unique Christmas decorating ideas to fit a number of styles and themes . Christmas decorations should be as unique as you are and give you opportunity to include your favorite characters into your holiday décor.

Here are just a couple of our favorite unique Christmas decorating ideas:


24″ Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Music Chip & Linus’ Blanket

 christmas decorating idea charlie brown christmas tree

A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a tradition around the holidays for over 50 years and for many, seeing this tree will bring back wonderful memories of childhood Christmas celebrations. Now you can start your own holiday tradition with this unique and iconic symbol of Christmas.


Kurt Adler 11″ Storm Trooper with Candy Cane Nutcracker

 unique christmas decorating idea storm trooper

Bring a bit of the Force to your holiday tree with this fun, yet festive, Storm Trooper Nutcracker. While he will not be making an appearance in the Nutcracker Suite, we are sure he will be a treasured addition to any Star Wars themed décor.

Decorating for Christmas does not have to be a challenge and you do not have to give in to tradition unless you want to. Everyone at ChristmasLTD.com hopes that these great holiday decorating ideas will help you get ready for Santa’s yearly visit!

Make it a Kurt Adler Christmas

kurt adler christmasKurt Adler is one of the top go-to brands when it comes to Christmas decorations. From nutcrackers to collectible ornaments, no one makes Christmas quite like Kurt Adler makes Christmas.

The company started in 1946 when Kurt Adler founded an American general goods exporting business at the close of World War II. After seeing the beautiful wooden Christmas goods that were being created in Germany, he changed his thinking and began to import goods to offer instead.

Today, Kurt Adler is one of the most trusted names for holiday goods from all over the world.

ChristmasLTD.com has a huge selection of Kurt Adler Christmas items. As a tribute to one of the most reliable and quality brands of Christmas decor, we have compiled a small list of some of our very favorite Kurt Adler Christmas decorations available at ChristmasLTD.com.

Kurt Adler Christmas Nutcrackers 

Kurt Adler 11″ Storm Trooper With Candy Cane Nutcracker

kurt adler christmas stormtrooper nutcracker

Kurt Adler is well known for its large amount of quality wooden nutcrackers. As opposed to artisan nutcracker brands, Kurt Adler nutcrackers are made to be affordable, collectibl and usually themed around something modern and fun. A model like the Kurt Adler Storm Trooper with Candy Cane Nutcracker is a great example of how Kurt Adler blends pop culture with holiday themes.

This 11-inch Star Wars storm trooper is carved of wood and stands in the classic uniform as seen in the films. However, Kurt Adler adds a little twist to this image by placing a Santa hat on the storm trooper’s head and giving him a candy cane to hold onto.

The storm trooper is not so intimidating, in fact, he looks as jolly as can be. We like to call that “the Kurt Adler effect.” Here are some of our other favorite Star Wars themed Kurt Adler holiday nutcrackers.

Kurt Adler 10″ Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker

kurt adler christmas darth vader nutcracker

Kurt Adler 7.5″ Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker

kurt adler christmas yoda nutcracr

While the Star Wars theme is fun, Kurt Adler does have more traditional Nutcrackers like the Kurt Adler Gingerbread Nutcracker. Stylized in the same facial expression and pose as the famous German nutcrackers from the Bavarian region, this nutcracker is carved from wood and colorfully decorated in gingerbread tidings.

From the peppermint-swirl hat to the gingerbread house at the nutcracker’s feet, this 16-inch figurine lives for gingerbread. He would be the perfect assistant to help bake your holiday treats and bring the festive feel of Christmas to your home.

Kurt Adler 16″ Gingerbread Nutcracker 

kurt adler christmas gingerbread nutcracker

Kurt Adler Christmas Collections 

Kurt Adler is also famous for its collections of themed of decorations. For example, the Kurt Adler Downton Abbey collection holds great Christmas tree ornaments for any fan of the British drama Downton Abbey. One of our very favorite Kurt Adler Downton Abbey ornaments is the Downton Abbey Car Christmas Ornament.

This ornament features a 4.25-inch resin mini model of the blue car featured in the show. There is also a large selection of themed items from Star Wars, South Park, and even Marilyn Monroe.

Kurt Adler Downton Abbey Car Christmas Ornament

Kurt Adler Christmas Downton Abbey Car  Ornament

Here is a sample of some of the great Kurt Adler Christmas Collection items available at ChristmasLTD.com:

Kurt Adler 12″ Star Wars Yoda with LED Light Saber Tree Topper

kurt adler christmas yoda tree topper

Kurt Adler 10 Light Star Wars Yoda Christmas Lights

kurt adler christmas yoda christmas lights

Kurt Adler 35 Light 18″ Star Wars Yoda 3D Standing Decoration

kurt adler christmas yoda yard decoration

Kurt Adler 8 Light Star Wars Darth Vader Battery Operated Christmas Lights

kurt adler christmas darth vader christmas lights

Yoda Santa Fabriche Table Piece

kurt adler christmas yoda cloth figurine

Kurt Adler 19″ Yoda with Candy Cane Plush Head Christmas Stocking

kurt adler christmas yoda christmas stocking

Kurt Adler South Park 3D Mini Christmas Ornament 5 Pieces

kurt adler christmas south park

Kurt Adler Red Dress Marilyn Christmas Ornament

kurt adler christmas marilyn monroe

 Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments 

Christmas Ltd. has over 300 Kurt Adler ornaments for sale on our online store and many of those ornaments are made of wood.

Here is one of our favorite Kurt Adler Wooden Ornaments: the Yankees Nutcracker Christmas Ornament. Even if you are not a Yankees fan, you have to love this little guy’s spirit. Dressed up in his white and blue stripes, this player dons some very long white hair as well as a bushy mustache. We also have a Phillies version of this same ornament!

For those who are not sports fans, we also have a Kurt Adler Angry Birds Ball Christmas ornament to pay tribute to the fun, addicting game. 

Kurt Adler Wooden Yankees Nutcracker Christmas Ornament

kurt adler christmas yankees nutcracker

Kurt Adler Wooden Phillies Nutcracker Christmas Ornament


Kurt Adler Angry Birds Christmas Ornament With Santa Hats Christmas Ornament


Kurt Adler Advent Calendars

Kurt Adler is no stranger when it comes to creating the perfect advent calendar. When counting down to Christmas, you want it to be a fun process. That is where the Kurt Adler advent calendar comes in. Products such as the Kurt Adler Nativity Wooden Advent Calendar really put a nice touch on your holiday decorations. It also gives you something to look forward to every day, as you get to pull out one more magnetic figure for each day that gets closer to Christmas!

Kurt Adler Nativity Wooden Advent Calendar

kurt adler christmas nativity advent calendar

Kurt Adler Star Wars Yoda Jedi Advent Calendar

kurt adler christmas advent calendar

Kurt Adler has a huge variety of Christmas decor to make your home festive for the holidays. With hundreds of Kurt Adler items available at ChristmasLTD.com, you will have no difficulty finding the right Christmas decorating ideas with our Kurt Adler Christmas Collections.

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