Make it a Kurt Adler Christmas

kurt adler christmasKurt Adler is one of the top go-to brands when it comes to Christmas decorations. From nutcrackers to collectible ornaments, no one makes Christmas quite like Kurt Adler makes Christmas.

The company started in 1946 when Kurt Adler founded an American general goods exporting business at the close of World War II. After seeing the beautiful wooden Christmas goods that were being created in Germany, he changed his thinking and began to import goods to offer instead.

Today, Kurt Adler is one of the most trusted names for holiday goods from all over the world. has a huge selection of Kurt Adler Christmas items. As a tribute to one of the most reliable and quality brands of Christmas decor, we have compiled a small list of some of our very favorite Kurt Adler Christmas decorations available at

Kurt Adler Christmas Nutcrackers 

Kurt Adler 11″ Storm Trooper With Candy Cane Nutcracker

kurt adler christmas stormtrooper nutcracker

Kurt Adler is well known for its large amount of quality wooden nutcrackers. As opposed to artisan nutcracker brands, Kurt Adler nutcrackers are made to be affordable, collectibl and usually themed around something modern and fun. A model like the Kurt Adler Storm Trooper with Candy Cane Nutcracker is a great example of how Kurt Adler blends pop culture with holiday themes.

This 11-inch Star Wars storm trooper is carved of wood and stands in the classic uniform as seen in the films. However, Kurt Adler adds a little twist to this image by placing a Santa hat on the storm trooper’s head and giving him a candy cane to hold onto.

The storm trooper is not so intimidating, in fact, he looks as jolly as can be. We like to call that “the Kurt Adler effect.” Here are some of our other favorite Star Wars themed Kurt Adler holiday nutcrackers.

Kurt Adler 10″ Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker

kurt adler christmas darth vader nutcracker

Kurt Adler 7.5″ Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker

kurt adler christmas yoda nutcracr

While the Star Wars theme is fun, Kurt Adler does have more traditional Nutcrackers like the Kurt Adler Gingerbread Nutcracker. Stylized in the same facial expression and pose as the famous German nutcrackers from the Bavarian region, this nutcracker is carved from wood and colorfully decorated in gingerbread tidings.

From the peppermint-swirl hat to the gingerbread house at the nutcracker’s feet, this 16-inch figurine lives for gingerbread. He would be the perfect assistant to help bake your holiday treats and bring the festive feel of Christmas to your home.

Kurt Adler 16″ Gingerbread Nutcracker 

kurt adler christmas gingerbread nutcracker

Kurt Adler Christmas Collections 

Kurt Adler is also famous for its collections of themed of decorations. For example, the Kurt Adler Downton Abbey collection holds great Christmas tree ornaments for any fan of the British drama Downton Abbey. One of our very favorite Kurt Adler Downton Abbey ornaments is the Downton Abbey Car Christmas Ornament.

This ornament features a 4.25-inch resin mini model of the blue car featured in the show. There is also a large selection of themed items from Star Wars, South Park, and even Marilyn Monroe.

Kurt Adler Downton Abbey Car Christmas Ornament

Kurt Adler Christmas Downton Abbey Car  Ornament

Here is a sample of some of the great Kurt Adler Christmas Collection items available at

Kurt Adler 12″ Star Wars Yoda with LED Light Saber Tree Topper

kurt adler christmas yoda tree topper

Kurt Adler 10 Light Star Wars Yoda Christmas Lights

kurt adler christmas yoda christmas lights

Kurt Adler 35 Light 18″ Star Wars Yoda 3D Standing Decoration

kurt adler christmas yoda yard decoration

Kurt Adler 8 Light Star Wars Darth Vader Battery Operated Christmas Lights

kurt adler christmas darth vader christmas lights

Yoda Santa Fabriche Table Piece

kurt adler christmas yoda cloth figurine

Kurt Adler 19″ Yoda with Candy Cane Plush Head Christmas Stocking

kurt adler christmas yoda christmas stocking

Kurt Adler South Park 3D Mini Christmas Ornament 5 Pieces

kurt adler christmas south park

Kurt Adler Red Dress Marilyn Christmas Ornament

kurt adler christmas marilyn monroe

 Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments 

Christmas Ltd. has over 300 Kurt Adler ornaments for sale on our online store and many of those ornaments are made of wood.

Here is one of our favorite Kurt Adler Wooden Ornaments: the Yankees Nutcracker Christmas Ornament. Even if you are not a Yankees fan, you have to love this little guy’s spirit. Dressed up in his white and blue stripes, this player dons some very long white hair as well as a bushy mustache. We also have a Phillies version of this same ornament!

For those who are not sports fans, we also have a Kurt Adler Angry Birds Ball Christmas ornament to pay tribute to the fun, addicting game. 

Kurt Adler Wooden Yankees Nutcracker Christmas Ornament

kurt adler christmas yankees nutcracker

Kurt Adler Wooden Phillies Nutcracker Christmas Ornament


Kurt Adler Angry Birds Christmas Ornament With Santa Hats Christmas Ornament


Kurt Adler Advent Calendars

Kurt Adler is no stranger when it comes to creating the perfect advent calendar. When counting down to Christmas, you want it to be a fun process. That is where the Kurt Adler advent calendar comes in. Products such as the Kurt Adler Nativity Wooden Advent Calendar really put a nice touch on your holiday decorations. It also gives you something to look forward to every day, as you get to pull out one more magnetic figure for each day that gets closer to Christmas!

Kurt Adler Nativity Wooden Advent Calendar

kurt adler christmas nativity advent calendar

Kurt Adler Star Wars Yoda Jedi Advent Calendar

kurt adler christmas advent calendar

Kurt Adler has a huge variety of Christmas decor to make your home festive for the holidays. With hundreds of Kurt Adler items available at, you will have no difficulty finding the right Christmas decorating ideas with our Kurt Adler Christmas Collections.

What is a Christmas Tree Profile?

what is a christmas tree profileWhen you hear the words “Christmas Tree,” you probably imagine a tall pine tree with a cone shape that is pointed on the top for a tree topper and wide at the bottom. While this is the general shape of a Christmas tree, artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of shapes known as Christmas tree profiles.

At, we have over 100 different choices of artificial Christmas trees from tall, thin trees that save space, to natural looking tall, wide trees and nearly everything in between.

While there are quite a number of Christmas tree profiles, there are four main profiles for full-size Christmas trees: full, medium, slim and pencil.

To help you choose the right Christmas tree profile to fit your space, we have created a list with information about and an example of one of our artificial trees that fit into each profile. We hope the following will help you find the perfect Christmas tree profile to fit your home that will make decorating easy for years to come.

Full Christmas Tree Profile 

The full Christmas tree profile is what everyone imagines a Christmas tree to look like. With their wide bodies that emulate the spruce pine trees found in the forest, a full Christmas tree profile has lots of space for all the tinsel, lights, and ornaments you have, with room leftover for more.

A full Christmas tree profile has a height to width ratio of 1.5 or lower, which means that your tree will be one to five times as tall as it is wide. For example, a 7.5-foot tall tree would have a base diameter of 5 foot or more.

A good example of a full profile tree is the GKI Bethlehem Hunter Fir pictured below:

full christmas tree profile

Medium Christmas Tree Profile 

If you have an average amount of ornaments and lights and need to conserve floor space, a medium profile might be better suited for you. Without taking up the width of the full tree, the medium is still of good size and can be dressed up with less ornaments and lights without looking bare.

A medium Christmas tree profile has a height to width ratio of 1.5 to 2, which means that your tree will be 1.5 to two times as tall as it is wide. This would give an average 7.5-foot tall tree a base diameter of 3.75 foot to 5 foot.

For example, the Sterling Inc. 7.5’ Christmas Tree with 1949 Tips still has the appearance of a full tree, but does not take up as much floor space. 

medium christmas tree profile

Slim Christmas Tree Profile 

A slim Christmas tree profile is nice for an apartment or condominium where floor space is at a minimum. It gives you the ability to put up a Christmas tree without having to rearrange or store furniture to make room.

A slim Christmas tree profile has a height to width ratio of 2 to 2.5. This means a 7.5-foot slim Christmas tree has a base diameter between 3 foot and 3.75 foot.

Our Gerson International Alpine Christmas Tree has a slim Christmas tree profile and has plenty of room for trimmings without cramping your smaller space. 

slim christmas tree profile

Pencil Christmas Tree Profile

A pencil Christmas tree profile is the slimmest of all the trees and can fit almost anywhere without too much moving of furniture, if any. They are designed to be tall enough to be fully visible in a corner, give you plenty of room for trimmings, yet not be overbearing.

A pencil Christmas tree profile has a height to width ratio of 2.5 and higher, meaning that a 7.5 foot tall tree will have a base diameter of no more than 3.5 foot but usually much narrower.

For example, the Kurt Adler 6’ Manchester Pine Pencil Tree below stands an appropriate 6 feet tall, yet only takes up 21 inches of diameter space.

pencil christmas tree profile

Now that you have had a quick lesson in Christmas tree profiles, we invite you to visit to look for your perfect profile of Christmas tree!

using a pre-lit christmas tree to brighten your homeWhile many people enjoy the glow of Christmas tree lights over their regular room lighting during the holiday, choosing the right size pre-lit Christmas tree to fill your space with light is important.

Whether you want to illuminate a tabletop for a festive holiday dinner or light up and entire room and create a festive look for passersby from the outside, has pre-lit Christmas trees to fit any space.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees for Family and Living Rooms

The most common place for the holiday tree is in a family or living room. As these are typically the meeting place of the family and guests, it is usually has the most space available and open outlets for a pre-lit Christmas tree. A large tree with plenty of lights will certainly create not only a festive holiday feel, but fill your room with enough light to enjoy the glow of the tree instead of room lights.

Some of our choices for pre-lit Christmas trees to illuminate your family room or living room include:

The GKI Bethlehem 7.5 foot Hunter Full Pre Lit Christmas Tree with clear or multicolor lights

hunter fir full pre-lit christmas tree

This is a tall tree with over 4,500 tips on its realistic-style branches and 850 lights. The glow of this full size tree will fill the entire room with holiday warmth.

The GKI Bethlehem Savannah Spruce Medium Pre Lit Christmas Tree with Clear Mini Lights

savannah spruce pre-lit christmas tree

This is a medium shaped, pre-lit Christmas tree with 450 clear incandescent lights and 2,011 realistic-style branch tips. Perfect to light up an average size family room or living room without taking up too much space.

The Sterling Inc. 6.5′ Christmas Tree, 9’X10″ Garland, and 24″ Wreath Christmas Combo Set

pre-lit christmas tree, wreath and garland combo

This combination set adds extra light with pre-lit garland and a pre-lit wreath to display with this beautiful pre-lit Christmas tree.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees for a Bay Window Area

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window, it is the perfect place to display a large pre-lit Christmas tree. The bay window allows you to light up the room as well as project a warm glow to those outside. Imagine coming home each day during the holiday to the glow of a beautiful pre-lit Christmas tree framed by a beautiful bay window.

Some of our picks for beautiful pre-lit Christmas trees for your bay window include:

The GKI Bethlehem Snowy Pine Flocked Medium Pre Lit Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

snowy pine flocked pre-lit christmas tree

This stunning pre-lit Christmas tree is available in various sizes from 6.5 foot to 9 foot and has beautiful flocked branches that give the look of fresh, fallen snow. This beautiful tree will fill your room with a warm glow and fill your bay window with a serene holiday scene.

The GKI Bethlehem Olympia Medium Pre Lit LED Christmas Tree Rolling Stand


This pre-lit Christmas tree is large and loaded with beautiful warm, white LED lights. Available in 7.5 foot or 9.5 foot sizes, this pre-lit Christmas tree comes on a convenient rolling stand that makes it easy to place in just the right place in your bay window.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees for a Table Top or Fireplace

If you have a smaller area you would like to illuminate to add holiday ambiance to your home, also has a great selection of smaller pre-lit Christmas trees to illuminate a tabletop or fireplace. Some of our favorite choices for small pre-lit trees include:

 The 2 foot Green River Spruce Battery Operated LED Christmas Tree with 3 Function Controller

2 foot pre-lit christmas tree

This tree may be small, but it will illuminate quite a large area. Place this cute pre-lit Christmas tree on a tabletop or use as a centerpiece for a cozy holiday dinner.

The Gerson 3′ Alpine LED Christmas Tree with Color Changing Pot

pre-lit christmas tree with color changing pot

This festive pre-lit Christmas tree is battery-operated and its pot changes color from warm-white to green. Place one of these pre-lit Christmas trees on each side of the fireplace to add a mesmerizing glow to your holiday décor.

No matter what room or area of your home you want to illuminate with a pre-lit Christmas tree, has the right size to brighten your home this holiday season.

All About Christmas Lights

all about christmas lights‘Tis the season for caroling, hot chocolate, presents, and of course, Christmas lights! Whether you are a traditionalist that puts up clear or white incandescent lights or want to wow your guests with LED lights of all colors and styles, has a light set to make your display perfect.

There have been so many advancements in Christmas light technology within the last few decades, even those who prefer the look of vintage lights can now do so with energy-saving, cooler burning LED bulbs instead.

There are still great selections of incandescent lights for those not ready to completely embrace new technology, but no matter kind you prefer, we are sure you will brighten up your home for the holidays.

With all the different types, colors and sizes of lights available, we thought it would be helpful to give you some important information about them so you can choose just the right Christmas lights for your home, apartment, or condominium.

There are three main types of Christmas lights available at incandescent, LED and battery-operated. For those unfamiliar with these different types of lights, to follow we have information about each type of light and some picks for our favorite lights to help you decide on the look you want.

Incandescent Christmas Lights

Incandescent Christmas lights have glass or plastic bulbs that contain a wire filament that gets hot and glows. The color of the bulb is determined by the color of the glass or plastic bulb. These type of bulbs have been around for many years and are still very popular. If you have not added to or replaced your light sets in the past five or ten years, these are probably the type of bulbs you have been using.

incandescent christmas lights

Incandescent bulbs come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, here are some of our favorites:

GKI Bethlehem Lighting Set of 100 Commercial Grade Indoor/Outdoor Mini Christmas Lights

GKI Bethlehem Lighting Snowflake Festoon Christmas Lights with Stake and Hook

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 100 Clear Mini Christmas Lights White Wire Patented External Lamp LockNest & Noel 50 Count Christmas Lights Green Wire Patented External Lamp Lock

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 50 Christmas Lights Green Wire Patented External Lamp Lock

LED Christmas Lights 

LED Christmas lights are the perfect option for that family that wants to be green and save a little green this year. LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lights because they use less power, which is perfect for holiday light displays. You can enjoy them more without having to worry about spending your extra holiday cash on your electric bill.

LED christmas lights

LED lights also last longer than traditional incandescent lights, so with the proper care and storage, they can last for many years. They also have less of a chance of catching fire than other lights because they “run cool” because they burn less energy. This means they can be displayed in more forms than incandescent lights such as in rope Christmas lights and net Christmas lights.

Here are some of our favorite LED Christmas lights:

GKI Filament G50 LED Outdoor String Light Set with 10 Warm White on Black Wire

Kurt Adler 48 Light Warm White LED 9.8′ Tube Christmas Lights

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 70 Faceted LED M5 Net Christmas Lights Green Wire

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights 

Another option that is gaining popularity is battery powered LED Christmas lights. These lights are perfect for someone who only turns their holiday displays on when they are home, or only have a limited number of open outlets to plug in Christmas lights. These are especially good for those who may only have room for a table top Christmas tree or small wreath the freedom to display them wherever they will fit without worrying about an outlet.

battery-operated christmas lights

Battery operated lights traditionally run on AAA, AA, or watch batteries, and depending how much you have them on, batteries usually will last the entire Christmas season.

Here are our choices for favorite battery-operated LED Christmas lights:

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 50 LED Wide Angle Battery Operated Lights

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 18 Mini Multicolor Thin Wire Battery Operated LED Christmas Lights Green Wire 

No matter what type of Christmas lights you choose, is here to make sure that your home is festive and colorful all season long!

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